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There are multiple ways of becoming a member of the NIU Steelband.  Below are the requirements for playing either pan or percussion.

All University Steelband:

  • Be a current student at Northern Illinois University
  • Attend beginning of semester meeting
  • Sign up for class

NIU World Steelband:

  • Be a current student at NIU
  • Attend beginning of semester meeting
  • Have prior Steelband experience
  • Sign up for class

Steelpan Major:

  • Major and harmonic minor scales, two octaves at quarter note = 100.  These should be played as sixteenths.
  • All major and minor arpeggios.
  • Audition pieces:  Prepare J. S. Bach’s Violin Concerto in A minor, movement 1 or 3 at quarter note = 100.  Also, J.H. Fiocco’s Allegro at quarter-note = 100.
  • For on-campus pan auditions there will be sight-reading of excerpts from the Baroque period as well as a Calypso piece.


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  1. Matthew Slaga says:

    I was interested in be added to the site because I am alumni. I used to play double tenor in the band.

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