A contract of credit made by the consumer, even with a third-party merchant, under or in relation to a contract made with an itinerant merchant, forms part of the whole contract and is also cancelled of right if it was made as a result of an offer or representation made by, or any other action of, the itinerant merchant. The funds must, on request, be put in the possession of the provisional administrator according to his directives. 26. TITLE III—CONSUMER CHECKING ACCOUNT EQUITY ACT OF 1980 SHORT TITLE SEC. Where he believes that a person has contravened or is contravening any Act or regulation the application of which is supervised by the Office, the president may also accept a voluntary undertaking from that person to comply with the Act or regulation in question. if the used automobile is offered for sale, its price, and, if it is offered for long-term lease, its retail value; the number of miles or kilometres registered on the odometer, and the number of miles or kilometres actually travelled by the automobile, if different from that indicated on the odometer; the model year ascribed by the manufacturer, the serial number, the make, the model and the cubic capacity of the engine; if such is the case, the fact that the automobile has been used as a taxi-cab, a drivers’ school automobile, a police car, an ambulance, a leased automobile, an automobile for customers or as a demonstrator and the identity of every business or of every public agency that owned the automobile or rented it on a long term basis; if such is the case, every repair done on the used automobile since it has been in the possession of the merchant; the characteristics of the warranty offered by the merchant; that a certificate of mechanical inspection issued under the Highway Safety Code (. Sections 133 to 149 apply, with the necessary modifications, to a contract, whether a contract of credit or not, whereby the transfer of ownership of goods sold by a merchant to a consumer is deferred until the performance by the consumer of the whole or a part of his obligation. From the time the account is opened, he must inform the president of the place where such account is kept and the number of such account. The withholding of an amount on a credit card is not considered to be a transaction for the purposes of this section. The contract is cancelled by operation of law as of the sending of the cancellation notice. Sections 171, 172, 174, 175, 177, 178 and 179 apply, with the necessary modifications, to the repair of household appliances. The credit charges must be computed according to the actuarial method prescribed by regulation. The contract of instalment sale must relate only to goods sold on the same day. The lender or the lender’s assignee is then responsible for the performance of the obligations of the merchant who is the vendor, lessor, contractor or service provider up to the amount of, as the case may be, the debt owed to the lender at the time the contract is entered into, the debt owed to the assignee at the time it was assigned to him or the payment the lender received if he assigned the debt. The net obligation refers to the total value of the goods, namely the aggregate of the retail value of the goods and the preparation, delivery, installation and other charges, minus the payment on account. The hourly rate, the daily rate or the weekly rate must be the same for the whole duration of the contract. the summary document described in section 214.25 has been provided to the consumer. No merchant or manufacturer may, in any advertisement of goods or services offered to the consumer, give a post office box as his address without mentioning at least his address. Subject to section 29, the merchant must sign the written contract duly filled out, give it to the consumer and grant him a sufficient time to become aware of its terms and scope before signing it. High-cost credit contracts within the meaning of section 103.4 may be cancelled on the same conditions within 10 days following that on which each of the parties is in possession of a duplicate of the contract.