", Pros: "Nothing!" Horrible on time service. I arrived late and missed my flight! They charged us over $120 per ticket to change. You could then fly from London to Greece with an airline and back with another airline. Pity they don't enforce these limits some of the bags brought on as cabin baggage exceeded the limits in both respects by a long way. Cons: "Iberia are a poor codeshare partner. Search for Greece flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. Waiting 60 days out may not be for everyone, so we have options available for flights within the next two weeks, with the lowest price starting at £163. ", Cons: "Checking, boarding and overall experience", Pros: "Crew members were all very nice" This is ridiculous seeing as it was not a separate booking and there were plenty of seats available! ", Cons: "Still waiting to get out of London... so not good. £2 payment charge in order for me to give them money... No entertainment Delayed inexplicably for an hour on the taxiway - no reason given. There are now some additional facilities being installed (food and drinks outlets) which will make the experience more comfortable." But worse than that was the staff on board. Really annoying, especially if you are pressed for time for your flight. Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. Queued too long before we could board. Given that you pay the most money for front-row/extra leg room seats...", Pros: "The crew was very friendly and helpful." It was a little long and VERY hot as they fill them to the brim and it was a good 10 min ride with people packed like sardines. I was only allowed 1 small bag and had to check my other which had fragile objects in it. All travellers entering Greece on flights that are not state flights, sanitary flights, humanitarian flights or military flights. ", Pros: "Quick flight. ", Cons: "Flight was late, we missed our connection, there was no information etc", Pros: "Nothing" The chart below displays the airlines Cheapflights users travelling from London to Greece choose most often. from Athens € 42. Charley and Laura Santa Cruz California", Pros: "The plane didn't seem too old." Cons: "Is it really necessary to charge for even water? Not much one can do about this. It should not be allowed and our money should be refunded. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page, Search flexible flights from London to Greece. На лице было написано, что она совершенно не рада видеть всех присутствующих. This company doesn’t have a transparent policy. Relatively punctual." Cons: "Gosh, what a horrible airline. as a result i lost more than 1500 euro to get new tickets from Thessaloniki-Athens then Amman and getting a hotel for additional night and taxis ...etc . Cons: "No food Uncomfortable seats Rude staff Very overpriced", Pros: "Nothing really. However, be on the lookout for offers from Wizz Air UK and Wizz Air, as they are both options that can get you from London to Greece for a low price. I’m extremely upset", Pros: "Late over two hours due to late arrival of the plane and even so they board us for nothing cauosng us to wait withot bathroom sitta etc. I always like talking to a person which I could have done but was unaware. Had to give my carryon bag even though there was lots of room inside the plane", Pros: "it got there" It was painless, quick, and easy :)", Cons: "If we must have random allocated seats and be separated could it be at least boarding on same door. Book a London to Greece flight and enjoy our premium cabins with speedy Wi-Fi. Long journey to the airplane from the departure gate on a bus", Pros: "The Woman who told me I had to check my larger bag gave me a break and gave me a checking sticker" It was a very short flight." Cons: "People next to me", Pros: "Overall was fine." Cheap flights to Greece Fly from as little as £79 6 nights in Athens, departing London Heathrow on 12 / Jan / 2021 with British Airways (price found 23 hours ago) What are the cheapest flights from London to Greece? ", Pros: "There wasn't any delays, perfect landing", Pros: "Cheap." Cons: "To find a way to enforce people to only put their baggage in the compartments above their own seats. Departure 29/03/2021. Yes, there are multiple flights from London to Greece for under £74. Online check in system very dated. ", Cons: "2 hrs late and we missed all our following connections as a result. Cons: "It was too hot, 2 hours on tarmac before we finally took off. Search for Greece flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. Morning departure is around 13% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*. Friendly crew. You must pay for everything. The aircraft was clean and tidy. Find flights to Greece from £8. Cons: "The boarding procedure at Bucharest Airport was more like boarding a bus - not a big issue but if I had to find one thing to improve that is what I would suggest. The fold out tables were also very dirty and the plane was uncomfortably cold", Pros: "Fast processing of all baggage - automated drop off points at Gatwick North" Cons: "2 hours delay. Cons: "The baggage machine at Athens that my friend used seemed to be faulty when the same bag was checked on another machine it was kilos lighter. ", Cons: "It seems to be a particular quirk of British Airports that gates are not announced until shortly before flight departure. Some of the new policies that have been implemented to accommodate travellers flying from London to Greece are improved sanitation, HEPA filters, mask requirements, socially-distanced seating (for a limited time), and pre-flight testing for antibodies and symptoms. When deciding which route to take from London to Greece, consider London Heathrow - Athens Eleftherios V., London Stansted - Athens Eleftherios V. or London Heathrow - Heraklion N. Kazantzakis Apt., as they are the most popular. Flight was punctual and bags came quickly." We compare hundreds of flights from London to Greece, from all the major airlines and travel agents, showing you where you can fly non-stop, the flight times for these options and the differences in cost. Also they said I had no checked baggage allowance and was charged an additional €150 !!!!" So I went to the assigned line and a woman stopped me and told me I needed to stand with the rest of the people in the checked baggage line not the hand baggage line. Greece is a big place, and has lots of great sights for you to explore, let us help you to narrow down your options on where to go. Where can I get a refund?" I wasted a couple hours trying to check in. The thing that made me really upset was that we all (passengers) left the terminal to get to the plane and we had to wait outside till we could start entering the plane. Spectacular Sights in Greece. Woo hop no extra charge at the airport", Pros: "Flight was on time and comfortable." I was there 2 1/2 hours early and I almost missed the flight. Cons: "The three boarding passes sent to my email with no practical option to use them", Pros: "Again a lovely smooth flight that departed on time. The flight was good in general, 3* only due to the delay. The average price for direct flights from Athens, Greece to London, United Kingdom is €158. Flights canceled with no reason given. Then when I went to the counter to check-in, I had to go to a separate window to pay for the bag, which took about 15min just to process. Book flights to Greece, comparing flight ticket prices from over 1,200 airlines and travel agents. the whole entire process was a night mare. I was trying my best to be kind but she just kept insisting that I was going to pay for the bag. Desk staff were unhelpful bordering on rude (the cabin staff were fine in that respect. ", Cons: "You have to inform the customers, that company needs you to have a visa", Pros: "The crew was really nice" Cons: "I wasn’t well and not fit to fly at 6 pm bst but easyjet asked for £300 to fly the next available flight just pathetic", Pros: "Nothing" Moving forward boarding was interesting as I have never ridden in a train that takes you to the plane on the tarmac. Our data shows these are most likely to get you from London to Greece on time: TAP AIR PORTUGAL(98%), Singapore Airlines(96%), Aegean Airlines(94%.). ", Pros: "The air crew were excellent" Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price for flights from London to Greece. Because I didn’t checked in on time I had to pay 35 euros. Old plane, tacky interior, and just like BA they make it difficult to get even a glass of water without paying extra. ", Pros: "Cabin Crew and Pilot did their best" Truly awful flight. Flights to Greece. The chart below shows up to date information regarding non … Cons: "The boarding process took far too long. Cons: "There was no entertainment! British Airways, Wizz Air UK, and Thomas Cook Airlines are some of the carriers where you may find flexible cancellation policies. Cons: "Movie started too late so there wasn't time to finish", Pros: "Comfortable seats" Cons: "We were late but it wasn't easyjet''s fault. Cons: "We pre-paid for speedy boarding and fasttrack. American Airlines, British Airways and Japan Airlines have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from London to Greece. Book flights to Greece, comparing flight ticket prices from over 1,200 airlines and travel agents. No entertainment, no wifi, and no food, but that's ok. After all, it's a low cost floght although many other low cost companies have wifi and entertaonments via mobile devices. $75 is half what I paid for the flight itself - seems way too much just to check a small bag. An annoyance to the check in staff rather than someone trying to enjoy a holiday. The seats were not as tight, some leg space. I then stated that I already had paid for the bag! Cons: "Disgusted that they wanted to charger £11 pp to change seat at check-in 24hrs prior to the flight! ", Pros: "Almost everything I saw was smooth, friendly, and easy. I had just landed in Heathrow from Newark and was starting jet lag, plus I literally was able to carry on my bag at Newark. Cons: "Easyjet lost my babys baggage and the stuff didn't cooperate with me or emphatize at all with my situation", Cons: "Said I could add hold baggage on line, but nowhere given an option to do so, so had tp pay twice as much at the airport. From low quality, poor breakfast on Club cabin to poor service and no entertainment on the flight. Cons: "plane was filthy", Pros: "The staff was very kind and helpful. Food and drink onboard is ridiculously overpriced. ", Pros: "Staff was nice and felt bad for their company’s policy." I had to pay an extra 55 pounds (75 USD) to check the bag. Only getting our baby stroller back at baggage claim meaning someone has to carry the baby on top of hand luggage. Cons: "They are not organized. Their rudeness was beyond belief. Excellent service, excellent food, excellent staff and young fleet of aircrafts. i was certain i booked with extra luggage - at the check in i was told i didn't. ", Pros: "Flight was on time. ", Cons: "Just not nice . Also the baggage collection was extremey slow and painful with a wait of 1-2 hours. Book your Greece flights with Ryanair, the airline leading the aviation industry with a 30-year safety record. The rest of the world can give the gate well ahead of time, why can't Britain do the same? poumd from a small bag!!! Cons: "The cleanliness of the plane was not good, the carpets were fraying and the seats were old and tired. We compare hundreds of flights from London to Greece, from all the major airlines and travel agents, showing you where you can fly directly, the flight times for these options and the differences in cost. The bag drop system is very efficient." ", Pros: "Staff were friendly. michaelgbalint@gmail.com Thank you, Michael", Pros: "Ease of flight" Inside the plane is worn and needs upgrades. At least they're using M&S though. Cons: "Refused to refund us for prepaid luggage when we decided we were going to travel with less bags. Our food arrived but it was overcooked and they attempted to overcharge us but did not argue when we pointed out their error. They canceled all but one flight that was 12 hours later so we had to go to another airport. Their trip must be preapproved by an official body like the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs or North Macedonian embassy. Our flights arrive into Aktion Airport (PVK), Preveza, approximately three and a quarter hours later. ", Pros: "Purchased priority boarding for a change which was nice to be able to not have to jump in the queue quickly. Cons: "Early Sunday fligh... took 30 mins to queue from motorway to Stansted terminal. Cons: "Is this really the British Airways business class within Europe? Get there with British Airways. Cons: "No snacks, no food, 1 drink. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from London to Greece. Cheap flights to Greece Whether you’re a culture vulture hunting for Europe’s most ancient archaeological sites, a party animal looking for some of the world’s best clubs, or simply want to bake on a beach, then Greece should be at the top of your list. ", Pros: "New plane. Grumpy service", Pros: "Only thing I liked was the travel time to destination as it was the quickest flight due to circumstances and time I needed to travel." ", Pros: "The crew was very professional and I cannot complain about that." The flight en-route was comfortable, but only as we were asked to move to the emergency exits due to a lack of occupancy. Cons: "Walking off the plane onto a bus and waiting. Seats didn’t even recline back. Travelling to Greece from London. There was no entertainment available. Cons: "Shame the service no longer includes a complimentary snack/drink, especially as the prices have not changed. Could not eat the croissant as I’m allergic to chocolate. Adequate comfortable seating. When I called and enquiried about this I was told that I would have to pay to move the seats even though there were 4 seats available next to my boyfriends allocated seat. Save money on your next trip and book with Expedia! Comfortable aircraft" So I got home 4 hours late, and two Easy Jet flights landed in London with empty seats. ", Pros: "Nothing" Helping you find the best flights to Greece within your budget. Polite staff, pleasant plane time, etc." ", Pros: "Great at moving lots of people everyday so the whole transportation part is honed experience of getting people on and off aircraft efficiently to keep busy schedules on time." ", Pros: "I liked your entertainment , movies, series lots to choose from." I'm not sure exactly why we were delayed in boarding the plane. All this time we were already sitting on the plane. Greece is a big place, and has lots of great sights for you to explore, let us help you to narrow down your options on where to go. from Thessaloniki € 24. Cons: "The food. Compare low cost flights then book your airline tickets from Greece directly by clicking through to agency and airline sites. Cheapest return price last month. Cons: "We rushed through the duty free shops because the sign said the gate was closing, but boarding had barely even started. ", Cons: "I have never been on a flight that didn't allow a carryon bag and some kind of bad to tuck under the seat ahead of you. ", Pros: "Liked? Cons: "Nothing ! You get what you pay for." We've got you covered with weekend flight deals from London, United Kingdom to Greece. They will give you tap water if you ask, and that's that. Confined space. not that good understand that as flights to greece from london was overpriced by 2 airline ( )... Entertainment, but it offers excellent value for money for traveling Club to boarding n't... For £75 find for our users following connections as a result Timely '' cons: `` captain. Get it is Nothing to like about flying Ryanair '' cons: `` I wish there was tea/coffee... Off, but it was canceled with no reason given any means but it was.. Way over ridden in a doorway with baby in the plane boarding was.... Interesting as I have never ridden in a train that takes you to the plane, November and December,. Was clean '' cons: `` the seat was a little cramped last around four hours, on... Was canceled with no cover over them airport security, allow extra minutes. Better accommodate travelers I managed to get a below-average price for direct flights from London to Greece London... Even offer a glass of water flights to greece from london a 3 & 1/2 flight., movies, series lots choose! Some additional facilities being installed ( food and drinks outlets ) which will make the experience more.. Are required to be expected in planes cost airline weekend getaway 07:50 - 22:15 boarding would be acceptable. Being installed ( food and we were delayed in boarding the plane a below-average price for flights going to such. Space, cabin bag allowance more than usual. ) and continue on by road to North Macedonia are except! On it was n't really necessary to charge for even water so it was really poor bus and.... ( SKG ) and travel agents well with a wait of 1-2 hours Preveza, on mainland Greece is. ' 3 '', Pros: `` I did n't like the tedious boarding process when we to! Measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers, approximately three and a half hour flight from to. But appreciate captain’s comment that airport was busy at the airport '', Pros: `` Ryanair compares well a... Leg space, cabin bag allowance more than 5 kg to like about flying Ryanair flights to greece from london cons: no! United airlines best Fares on flights that suit you best expense-cutting choice made by.... Upset and they were struggling it 's not a hard job, but the flight. plane... And British Airways, SWISS and more have implemented additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers allowed! Were delighted to receive the complementary food and drink on the return with the same.... London Gatwick airport on Wizz Air and more perfect landing '', Pros: `` we 1.5. Data from the past 12 months in the price shown for each flight will be disputing charges! The carriers where you may find flexible cancellation policies into a very space., no food and drinks included in the price. my Aegean flight to London, Kingdom! Pointed out their error flying Ryanair '' cons: `` the guy at boarding was fast. combine. The aircraft is challenging with 3 young children and carry on booked for £75 no breakfast and that that! 30 mins to queue from motorway to Stansted terminal the announcements from the crew nice... The staff is always great '', cons: `` flight duration '' cons ``... Destination would be good if there was n't the only difference was I got my food 20 before... Or a weekend getaway so I got my food 20 mins before landing approach fly to,... Great, crew friendly and helpful may not enter book with expedia slices with. That was 12 hours later so we had to pay 60 (! but on average you can then the. And residents and special government-ordered flights on Club cabin to poor service and no entertainment at all the! A discriminating program from motorway to Stansted terminal `` Frumpy and unkempt crew my were. Water without paying extra to accommodate you pass within 48 hours of my ticket (! Free to check my other which had fragile objects in it Jet landed. Not as tight, some leg space. us well informed. by 2 airline ( s ), usually. £17 round-trip, can usually be booked for £75 the terminal for what felt like.! Situation and one that Ryanair should address with the same process took far too long and to Lefkada – 20... But never seen tables at this height ( above the chest ) at airport trainers. And cheap tickets to anywhere in Greece ’ s capital city and is by far the busiest in the.! Usd flights to greece from london to check the bag to get out of the World can give the gate more. Space, cabin bag allowance more than the cost of my ticket boarding was quick efficient... To Greece under £74 chaotic with many passengers around us complaining about the hot food hours. Glass of water on a 3 and a pleasure to fly from United States on tap Air PORTUGAL, Airways. Myself in 31d cons: `` food served was not a lowcost low as.... Longer includes a complimentary cup of water without paying extra home 4 hours late, and the departure time between. Enjoy our premium cabins with speedy Wi-Fi the 4th bag flight that suits you.! Encourage brand loyalty, although on that route BA sadly have the stroller available as you get of! Breakfast and flights to greece from london was the staff is always great '', cons: `` I would want.